“Stop trying to reinvent the wheel!”

Hey there, I’m, Stephanie; author of Creating a Wealthy Mindset.

As a child, I heard this phrase repeatedly. Essentially, it meant “stop trying new things” “quit upsetting the way things are” “why try to fix something that’s not broken?”

I was a curious child. A trait that has not been cured by adulthood. If any thing, I have been more stimulated and inspired to change the world around me. To improve the tiny square on which I stand.

While the intentions of the persons dispensing this ‘conventional advice’ may very well been coming from  a good place, with great intentions, in reality they serve as barriers.

These barriers became a part of my mental programming. Despite the internal programming, there was a part of me that always rebelled against the norm, strove against the status quo and continuously questioned everything.

So I set out to discover how to remove these mental barriers and how to create a life that I really wanted, based on my passions and values. Naturally, the aspect in my life that got the greatest restraint based on this belief was the area of finances.

Repainting the a Wheel is a community where together we can remove every last obstacle that stands between us and true success; success on our terms. The articles are based on the principles of Psychology and are packed with tips and life hacks to get around the internal programming holding you back from success.

Are you successful? If you are not living life on your terms (whatever those may be), then, nope – not really, no. You may have established a commonly accepted image of success, but until you define your authenticity, discover your passions, and start living that life, you haven’t yet achieved the big ‘S’.

You were never created to live depressed, defeated, guilty, condemned, ashamed or unworthy. You were created to be victorious!

Mediocrity isnt a badge of honor to be worn proudly like a battle scar. Settling for less than you can achieve isnt ‘modest’. These are outcomes of a mindset. A mindset that can be changed.

Have a look around the site. If something resonates with you, feel free to share it or drop a line (I love feedback!). If it really connects with you, then get the whole book for yourself. Read more about Creating a Wealthy Mindset or order on Amazon.

Not much of an online shopper? No problem. Send me an email at and I’ll arrange to have a shiny new PDF copy sent to an email address of your choice.

You don’t have to live forever, but you have an obligation to do something significant while here; you have a right to leave your  “I lived damn it!” footprint on this earth.

You don’t have to reinvent the whole wheel, just repaint it and maybe carve your initials in the damn thing.

I dare you to move.

– Stephanie


Order the book. Creating a Wealthy Mindset, and get your own intimate copy of a detailed step by step system to remove all your wealth barriers. Become financially free today!


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