Do You Work to Live or Live to Work?

No one grows up thinking, -I want to drive Toyota- (1)

I need to get the car fixed.

I reminded myself as I walked down the long but scenic stretch to the clock -in counter at my hotel day job. If the car is fixed, I can get to work earlier and have more time to prepare for the work day.

I don’t even like this car, the red career demon on my left shoulder appeared in a puff of smoke. If I had a better income I could buy a better car. Hmm.. My dream car. A BMW 116i (I have a thing for coupes). “Be realistic”, my white career angel adjusted his halo, glaringly waving his degree at me.

Am I living to work or working to live? Am I reorganizing my entire life and priorities in order to be a better employee?

Is the energy that you put out everyday going towards making you a better employee or is your energy going towards building something for yourself? When you get paid, how much of that is budgeted for work clothes, work lunch, transportation to and from work, work hair, work nails?

How much of your daily energy and resources go towards making you  a better employee?

How much do you invest in making someone else rich?

I take my vitamins each morning, rush home to get enough rest so I can perform well at my job; give it my best.

I don’t even like this job. I accepted it because I was unemployed for a few months and I had reached panic mode where I would accept anything. That’s what I did.

Ask yourself, “What do I get in return?” Lame salary, grumpy boss, not even a thank you when you know your report was beyond ‘very good’.

It is said that human beings have limited potential. However, based on Physics, we have limited energy and based on Biology; limited time.

You can spend that time and energy on improving your employee status or you can direct the same amount of energy into building something amazing for yourself.



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