Creating a Wealthy Mindset

3d cover EBook

In ‘Creating a Wealthy Mindset’, I share the practical, psychological pathways to overcome the poverty and scarcity mindset, which is literally the only block to achieving great wealth.

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Everything you could ever hope to achieve is possible. The only thing standing between you and greatness is the simple belief that you can’t. This belief is perpetuated and encouraged along by the cues in your social environment.

See, the corporations know this and for decades they have trained us to be happy for the job they have so generously given us and the pittance packages that they hand out – as long as we keep them happily in profit, of course.

They pay us in exchange for …well, our lives actually; time with family, relaxation, mental health, sense of fulfillment and purpose. This is what you hand over for your monthly paycheck.

This is the least effective model to achieve wealth.

In order to accomplish this, we had to be kept in certain mindset; a mindset of scarcity, lack, poverty and constant fear. This mindset is reinforced by cues in the environment, from TV shows to the physical work environment. They keep us competing with each other fighting and scratching to survive.

You compete with several other applicants for the ‘great job’. You compete with the coworkers for a raise or a promotion or even a bonus. This way of thinking that a nine to five is actually security is widely believed and encouraged. We grew up and saw our parents struggling to keep us alive and we continue that tradition.

How about we break the cycle for our kids?

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The person behind the book…

Who am I?

What qualifies me to be asserting these wild claims?

Like you, I grew up in a traditional environment that values things like getting a degree, getting a great paying job then settling down to the white picket fence dream; marriage and kids.

Rinse and repeat.

So, I did that. I graduated at 20 years old with a first degree in Medical Technology. After internship, I worked at the hospital for a year, then in forensics for another year.

Despite the excitement of it all, my salary barely covered my rent, utilities and food. Do not get me started on club cover charges and pricey cocktails.

I followed the money trail back home and worked in the family retail biz for several years.

By 2015, I found myself bored, uninspired and depressed by the thought that this was how life was ‘supposed’ to be.

I was in debt (credit cards, soured investment and hire purchases from Courts – those bailiffs do not play let me tell you)

I had a six year old to support, a divorce to nurse and a half finished Masters in Public Health.

I lost all motivation to complete my graduate studies, when I heard the other classmates (medical doctors, consultants and surgeons) complaining about inadequate salaries and less than ideal working conditions.

I thought to myself:

“There must be another way”

I found that way… In challenging myself to reexamine every single thing I have always believed about success. I combined this with the principles of Psychology and Human Behavior Change that I had studied and researched. I slowly and strategically challenged and removed every mental barrier I dug up. Through months of research, self reflection and observation of the cultural cues in my environment.

I started really seeing and really hearing that almost everything my friends and family said about wealth and success were extremely self – defeating and limiting. I wondered what would happen if we had a money mindset. If we believed we had no barriers to making creating wealth.

The Principle

This is not a con, a trick or a pyramid scheme of any sort. You will never at any point in this program be asked to sign up ‘x’ amount of people to do “Enter ridiculous claim here”.

Work will be required.

But not the kind of work you think. In fact, one of the tips of the wealthy that you will learn in this book is that, you will never attain wealth by constantly working for money!

Yes, I said it. Quote me!

You will never attain wealth by working for money. That would be like chasing a train on foot, in heels, in the hot dessert, while standing in quick sand. In a job, you exchange time for money. Your money is limited by your time, which for health reasons and common sense is limited per day.

The key is to find a way to let money work for you. Think about it. Better yet, lets reflect a bit on slavery (yes, this is a shameless emotional tactic to get your attention).

Chapter 17 has a wealth model that you can implement immediately.

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During that period, slaves did all of the menial, manual work, didn’t they? In the fields all day, in the burning sun, walking for miles to get to work and back, yet got the least amount of pay.

Sounds eerily familiar?

Now, I know what you will say here. Well, Stephanie, that was during slavery, it was immoral and unfair and an unjust system kept going by a privileged few.


But look around my dear friend. Take a good look around. How different is it really today?

Most persons will say that earning opportunities are fairly equal now. A person can choose his/her destiny and determine his/her path. Then why aren’t more of us doing it?

What is the missing factor?

There are no more plantation barriers, no more shackles; at least not physical ones.

Why, then are we still imprisoned in defeat?

But Stephanie, you might insist, if everyone owns their own business or does their own thing, who would be the employees?

Great point, my reader whose mind I just read.

If there was a  greater demand for employees due to supply, then employees would have more negotiating power and able to earn better wages (even claim shares) as opposed to putting up with crumbs because ‘jobs are so scarce and precious’.

In other words, the system works against us and for them!

You can change that. You can shift the power.

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You will not find an equivalent to this EBook on the Net. There are no generic, cliché instructions given such as ‘be positive’ or ‘just believe’ or ‘attract wealth by visualizing bundles of cash’.

What you will find here are practical psychological techniques backed by scientific research and experienced by real people. A way to maneuver around the parts of your brain biased against building wealth.

These are not theories simply pulled out of a hat.

Do not purchase this book unless you are ready for a dramatic transformation in the way you view life, money and building wealth.

Do not purchase this Ebook if you are comfortable with your current standard of living. If you are okay getting by just the way you are now, do not choose the red pill, Neo!

This material is for those who are ready and desperate for a change.

Those persons who always yearned for the life. “that life”.

Order NOW. Email me at or order on Amazon.

People often ask me, Stephanie why are you offering all this valuable information for just US$27.00, when you could be charging more for the value offered?

I truly believe that for every person I help to become successful, that is one less scammer giving Jamaica a bad rep or one less person trying to rob me when I go home at night. Also, my passion is making an impact, particularly in my country where I see people suffering needlessly when we have so much to offer.

I’m offering this EBook for US$27. However anyone who reads and applies the information can start making hundreds of thousands of dollars within a few weeks and eventually become financially free. I’m offering value and guiding others to do the same.

3d cover EBook

Order NOW. Email me at or order on Amazon.


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